Sexual Harassment Prevention

Training Courses and Certification

Comprehensive and interactive online courses with a powerful customizable platform to manage course enrollment for your team with simplified reporting and Data Management.

Create a respectful workplace by sensitizing the employees through our interactive and scenario-based course that covers the laws from different states in US.

Prepare your employees not just to adhere to the law but also to create a great workplace through engaging animations, real-life examples and interactivity..

Create a safe work environment for all the employees by enabling them about appropriate behavior at workplace through our scenario-based course.

Deliver Prevention of Sexual Harassment eLearning to your employees in English and other Indian languages with fully customizable course content.

Sensitize your employees about Gender Equality, Sexual Diversity and different forms of Discrimination with our interactive and real-life scenario-based course.

Why Sexual Harassment Prevention eLearning?

Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty said "If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance".Sexual harassment incidents have costed companies up to $6 million.Awareness is the first step towards prevention of such incidents. A major survey found that many employees reported that they did not understand that how their actions were perceived.The thin line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior makes employee awareness on this topic even more necessary.

The SucceedLEARN Advantage


Courses hosted on SucceedLMS (SaaS)

Rapid implementation in just 5 minutes, seamless user onboaring through SAML2 Single SignOn or LDAP Authentication options, integration through REST API, advanced reporting features and much more.


Courses hosted in your LMS (SCORM

Fully customized award winning, CPD certified courses with unlimited content customization and optional localisation in 30 different languages to meet the unique branding and content requirements of your organization.


Best of SaaS and SCORM through LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability)

Flexible delivery option with rapid, seamless and high security integration to leverage the power and benefits of both SucceedLMS and your LMS to pass important context information from your learning environment.

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