Enterprise Features

Enterprise Features

Compliance Simplified


Choose from our wide range of world class courses


Buy the courses in your branding at attractive prices


Enroll the learners to the courses in a matter of few seconds


On-the-go tracking and reminders to ensure 100% completion of courses


Customize reports to suit the unique needs of your organization 


Issue certificates online to learners who have completed the courses

Features to meet your needs

SAML & Single Sign On

With the proliferation of SaaS and other web-based applications, identity management is becoming a major concern for businesses. Implementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure enables users to sign in once and have access to all authorized resources. succeedlearn supports SAML 2.0 authentication and can populate the User Details like Name, Email, Designation, and Manager record through a simple 5 minute configuration from your SAML Database. Organisations may use OKTA, OneLogin or any other SAML 2.0 Identity Provider, process to configuration can be done from the Company Administrator Login of the business account. This is not available for a Single User account.


With our advanced reporting, you can track and analyse completion or score with ease. You can navigate through your complex Org Structure and analyse data at an Individual level, Departmental Level, Manager Level, Designation or even at an organisational level. Compliance will be achieved using our reports and Reminder system that is configurable and automated.



Authentication has to be simplified for organisations which use Google or Microsoft account to access business applications. We use a comprehensive OAuth support system which can authenticate the user and place them in their respective organisation.

Rest API

Integrate succeedlearn with your existing Reporting or HR Systems using our AES-secured API library. Your system can create new users in succeedlearn automatically as they come on-board the HR system, or you can view the training completion status on your Reporting system. These integrations simplify your administration requirements by automating the simple yet most time consuming tasks.



Multi-device Responsive UI

succeedlearn is available to access Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. The responsive user interface with minimalistic design will provide a seamless experience be it on a Mobile,Tablet or Desktop.

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