CCPA Compliance​ elearning course

Training your employees on CCPA has never been this easy. Build staff awareness on CCPA through our legally accurate, engaging and scenario based course.​

Why CCPA Course?

In a survey conducted on CCPA compliance, 42% of the organizations reported that training their workforce on CCPA was their biggest challenge in ensuring compliance. Its important employees have complete clarity on the Act as even unintentional mistakes have repercussions. Not to forget the loss of credibility, reputation and customer’s trust.

Course Price



Per user/year

Penalties for CCPA violation :

$2,500 fine for each unintentional violation

$7500 for each intentional violation

$100-$750 / incident or actual damages for clients

Course Highlights

Meet your organization's unique requirements through our unlimited content customization and translations to more than 30 different languages.

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