Security & Data Protection Courses

Highly interactive and engaging course that comprehensively covers security threats like Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering , Account Security and much more.

Training your employees on CCPA has never been this easy. Build staff awareness on CCPA through our legally accurate, engaging and scenario based course. 

Enable your employees to become aware of the PCI DSS requirements towards protecting customer’s data through our interactive and scenario-based eLearning.

Prepare your employees for GDPR compliance. The course discusses the key facts through highly animated videos, interactive quizzes, and accurate content. 

Empower your workforce to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information they handle with our easy to comprehend eLearning course.

Train your employees to safeguard the privacy and security of your clients’ health information with our in-depth, creative and engaging eLearning course.

Find out the preparedness of your employees for a phishing  attack and enable them with relevant trainings through our customizable and easy configure phishing templates.