Needlestick Injury

Reinforce safety at workplace by educating your employees about the dangers of bloodborne pathogens, protection techniques and effectively dealing with such injuries through real life scenario-based animated course.

Why Needlestick Injury Course?

Exposure to deadly pathogens is always a concern for healthcare professionals. With the limited data available it is concluded that up to 1 million needlestick injuries occur in the United States, which cause a great risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission. The consequence of such injuries is not only the diseases transmitted, but also the psychological impact on the victim, like distress, fear and anxiety.

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While 80% of the injuries can be prevented by taking appropriate measures, have a look at some disturbing survey results:


Prevalence of needlestick injury is 42% among healthcare workers


Up to 50% of needlestick injuries go unreported in hospitals.


There is a 30% chance of contracting hepatitis B via a needlestick injury

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