Global Anti-Discrimination eLearning Course

Sensitize your employees about Gender Equality,Sexual Diversity and different forms of iscrimination with our interactive and real-life scenario-based eLearning course.

Why Global Anti-Discrimination Course?

With workforce in organizations becoming more and more diverse, it is important that the employees are sensitized towards the subject of discrimination. This is very important to create a respectful work environment in which people are judged only based on merit and not on any other discriminatory criteria.The cost of training the employees on Anti-discrimination is much lesser than that of fighting a case in the court or loss of reputation and customer confidence.

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A study on discrimination at workplace reveals that:


1 in 5 employees have faced discrimination in one form or the other


Gender based stereotypes and inequality continue to exist


Racial and ethnic discrimination exist a lot in hiring process

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Meet your organization's unique requirements through our unlimited content customization and translations to more than 30 different languages.

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